Support Groups ❤️

Paving the way to a love of learning is not always easy…and that’s why we must ban together to support each other along the way.

This is a new feature to the TreeSchool website, so I will be developing along the way! Click on a group below, join, and jump into the conversation. Add questions, thoughts, or helpful answers…we are all excited to walk this journey together!


Project TreeSchool

Currently we are running this as a Facebook group, with the hopes of transitioning into a discussion board here on the TreeSchool website later this year! This group is full of research, day-to-day tidbits from my kiddos and me, as well as a place to ask questions and share your own stories.

Sharing the Love

This group is also ran via Facebook. It is full of research and inspiring videos about the sourcing of essential oils, as well as tidbits from our life and how these oils are empowering us each day, as well as a place to ask questions and share your own stories! I also have a page here on the website dedicated to how we used essential oils at TreeSchool, check that out here.