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As much as we would like to see your smiling face in person each day at TreeSchool, we know that isn’t practical 😉 But what is practical is for TreeSchool to offer our lesson plans to you through our website. So….we have created this membership page!  If there isn’t a package that fits you and your child’s needs, please let us know and we can put something special together just for you. 😘 

The lesson plans in these collections reflect my theory of how children should be educated. The main goal being they are educated in an environment where they are most comfortable, surrounded by supportive people who understand how special each child is. I am a licensed and certified Montessori teacher, graduating at the top of my class. I have taught as a public school teacher as well as a homeschool teacher. I believe whole heartedly in the passion of Maria Montessori as well as the incredible research that she discovered which led her to creating what we call Montessori learning. I am also an advocate of forest schools, so we incorporate those elements into our Montessori framework as well. 



 Lessons Ages 3-6                          Lessons Ages 3-6

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You want to give your child the best, and that includes their education. This is a huge part of their development, their success, and their happiness in life. We totally get that. We are mommies and daddies too, and that is exactly why TreeSchool was created- to help our kids fall in love with learning again, so they can grow up and give the world their best. 🌟

Here’s to helping 1 million kids fall in love with learning! ❤️ Will you join us?

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