The Things That Make a Great Childhood, Are the Things That Make a Great Education.

There has been a lot of steam in education politics lately. A LOT. And it has had my mind spinning for weeks now. In a nutshell, no one agrees on what children need to know or how to teach them whatever it is they are supposed to know. I know, crazy. We’ve been teaching kids for centuries and we still can’t come to a definitive answer. We have spent tons of money doing and redoing, perfecting and bettering and starting all over again.


As I followed the stories, one thought came resonating through my mind. It would not leave me alone. It made it hard to read, it made it hard to think, it made it hard to focus. My mind just kept saying:

The things that make a great childhood are the things that make a great education. We have overcomplicated it! I wrote a post on Instagram the other day that sums this up well…

treeschoolπŸƒThe way we learn at TreeSchool is very organic. I’ve been thinking for days on the best word to use to describe how we learn… 🌼 We learn through the moments we encounter every day. We don’t plan. We live each moment to the fullest and learning always happens. 🌟 Real learning. Important learning. Like how important nature is, following our interests, baking bread, growing food, raising animals, making friends, creating, working hard, laughing hard, loving hard ❀️, connecting, dreaming, exploring, asking questions, learning about faith and where we come from, the importance of family, and of being kind. Some would call what we do emergent curriculum, some would call it gypsy education, but it my eyes it is organic. 🐝 It comes from my heart, with all of my heart, it is learning in its most natural state. 🌾😘 #chaseyourdreamsΒ #educationΒ #teachwithpassion

I may not be an expert. I may not be in a leadership position. I am just a teacher. Just a mom. Just the person who get to see first hand what works and what doesn’t EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just the person who cares so much about what works that day and what doesn’t, what makes them smile and what doesn’t, that I dream about it. I obsess over it. I read about it. And talk to everyone I know about it. And I start website about it. And I write about it and spread it around the world. Passion trumphs education and status hands down.

I will continue on this mission and I hope that you will help me pass the word around. Get a conversation going. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world. Let’s show the world that action speaks louder than words. Forget waiting for laws and decisions. We are parents and teachers and we know what is best for our kids. As long as your heart is leading the way, you are on the right path ❀️. And honestly if our educational leaders are questioning everything what do you have to lose? If you are looking for the tools to back up the research, don’t worry I am on that right now. I will be launching a tool box just as soon as I can!Β 

Heres to a better tomorrow and confidence to lead the way ☺️

As always, if you need ANYTHING, please connect with me! Walk in faith. Walk in confidence. Let them be little. Trust your heart.Β 

With Love,


6 comments on “The Things That Make a Great Childhood, Are the Things That Make a Great Education.

  1. Jenna you are amazing at all you do. You’ve always had a strong sense of self and it reflects in your mothering and teaching.

    • XOXOXO 😘 Thank You Steph! That really means a lot. In a world that is so easily filled with hate, moments like this really mean a lot ❀️ Love You!!!

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