An Incredible Story of Hope 😍😭😘

He taught them what THEY needed…not what HE wanted to teach, not necessarily what the STANDARDS said to teach, he taught them something that not only boosted their grades, but gave them hope, gave them confidence, gave them something to smile about. A beautiful story ❀️. Β 

How can you use this idea with your kiddos?

How Music Education Can Lighten Kids’ Lives And Improve Learning Outcomes

A group of 10- and 11-year-olds giggle as professional cellist Frederic Rosselet flexes his wrist as if he’s made of rubber. ” Really flexible in your wrist,” he tells the students. “It’s your arm basically that does the work.” The cello students at Downer Elementary School in San Pablo, Calif., drag their bows across their cello’s strings, following Rosselet’s wrist-shaking lead.


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